About Us

Our story began years ago with the start of our children and the search for comfortable yet stylish clothing.  As the collection of our children grew it became the search for convenient and easy to use products that would help to make life a little easier.  

We have eight children between the three of us sisters so when the idea of  the “peekinz pocket” came about we had to jump on it.  Why isn’t there a pocket for quick diaper checks?  It seemed like such an easy fix to a big problem…..  How do you check diapers through onesies or any other one piece outfit?  Our children are all extremely active and didn’t like being changed or laying still while we checked their diapers.  There was always the sniff check – which wasn’t accurate.  Or the side of the leg diaper check – which could be a little messy.   So our idea grew until we came up with an easy to use design that could be incorporated into all one piece outfits.  

During our design process we decided that we would add all the features that we loved or wished we had into all of our products, creating a line of products that are comfortable, stylish and packed with great features!